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Michael J. McConnell


In addition to being a private investor, Mr. McConnell served as the Interim Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Redflex Holdings, Limited, an Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)-listed developer and manufacturer of digital photo enforcement solutions from February 2013 to February 2014 and has served on the Board since August 2011. Mr. McConnell also served as Redflex’s Chairman of the Audit Committee, as well as a member of the Remuneration and Nominating & Governance Committees. From 2009 to 2012, Mr. McConnell served as the Chief Executive Officer of Collectors Universe, Inc., a NASDAQ-listed provider of third-party authentication and grading of high value collectibles. Mr. McConnell served on the Board of Collectors Universe, including on its Compensation and Nominating and Governance committees until December 2013. From 1994 to 2007, Mr. McConnell served as a Managing Director of Shamrock Capital Advisors, an investment manager of both domestic and international alternative asset funds in public equities, real estate and private equity, where he led a $1.2 billion direct investment fund and was a member of the firm’s Executive Committee.

Mr. McConnell has served on numerous public and private company boards in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland over his career. In March 2014, he joined the Board of, Inc., a NASDAQ-listed leading online retailer of health and wellness products, including dietary supplements. From August 2011 to November 2012, Mr. McConnell served as Chairman of the Remuneration Committee of the Board, and Audit Committee member, of PaperlinX Limited, as ASX-listed international merchant of paper, communication materials and diversified products and services. From November 2009 to January 2012, Mr. McConnell was a member of the board of directors of MRV Communications, a worldwide supplier of communications equipment and services to carriers, governments and enterprise customers worldwide, where he also served on the Strategy and Compensation Committees. In addition, he has formerly served on the boards of Ansell Limited (October 2001 to November 2005), Nuplex Industries (December 2000 to March 2002), Force Corporation (March 1999 to May 2000), iPass Inc. (February 2007 to October 2008), Neo Technology Ventures (February 1999 to June 2004), Cosmoline Limited (March 1997 to May 1999) and Port-Link International (August 2000 to November 2005). Mr. McConnell received his BA in economics from Harvard University in 1988 and his MBA degree (Shermet Scholar) from the Darden School of the University of Virginia in 1994. Mr. McConnell is a member of the Board of Governors of the microfinance organization Opportunity International.